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B2C portal for soccer and sports interested clientele regardless of age and gender.

Commentaro GmbH
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commentaro GmbH

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Sport emotionalizes the masses. Everyone wants to have their say. But only one may, the sports commentator. At commentaro, every user can be a real sports commentator himself. commentaro is known from "Die Höhle der Löwen, 2020" and offers real FAN engagement for all sports-interested age groups around the probably most emotional and most beautiful secondary matter in the world: Sports!

Since its founding in 2018, commentaro has provided users with the opportunity to self-comment on sports video clips on-demand by recording their voice. The special feature: All clips are backed with original audio, so that a real sports TV report is created by mixing it with the user's own language.

commentaro thus acts as the first recruiting platform for up-and-coming sports commentators, as there is no training program for sports commentators in Germany. For this purpose, commentaro has set up a special coaching program in cooperation with Coachremotely with a tailor-made boot camp, through which training can take place in just 4 weeks. In this regard, commentaro acts as an agency and places specially trained sports commentators with sports TV broadcasters and sports media platforms - especially within the group with Sportainment and Sportdigital. Using the technical concept developed by commentaro, live commentary can also take place remotely and comfortably from home, which enables a comparatively highly economical and efficient use of the young commentators.

As a result, some up-and-coming sports commentators have already made a successful start in the industry via commentaro!