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Sportdigital TV Sende- und Produktions GmbH




Target group

B2B Portal operators, platform providers, media distributors; B2C All soccer enthusiasts, fun-action and outdoor sports fans as well as horse and equestrian sports lovers, regardless of age and gender.

Sportdigital TV Sende- und Produktions GmbH
Jenfelder Allee 80
22045 Hamburg

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Sportdigital TV Sende- und Produktions GmbH

Football Around the World & More

Being a specialist for sports TV channels and sports media offers, Sportdigital TV Sende- und Produktions GmbH operates several pay-TV channels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our core competences include marketing our media offerings via our partners on all relevant media platforms, linear or non-linear, free or pay, online, live, VOD and via mobile apps. B2B partnerships with our various distribution platforms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are always our top priority, as they are responsible for the end-customer business with our subscribers.

Founded in 2007, Sportdigital has over the years continued to expand its business relationships with all national and international sports rights holders, sports rights agencies, as well as federations and marketing companies, and has a strong network with decision-makers. For years, Sportdigital has maintained close cooperation and content partnerships with other linear and non-linear sports TV stations and sports media offerings within the distribution area.

In addition, there is an excellent network of contacts with all important distribution platform providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It doesn't matter whether linear or non-linear, mobile or web, pay or free - the channel serves all devices equally with its content.

Sportdigital currently operates four different linear pay TV channels in the G/A/S region and a free TV channel in Ghana, Africa, from its Hamburg base. Sportdigital FUSSBALL was and is the first linear TV channel in Europe to show exclusively monothematic everything about international football. Since the beginning of 2023, the channel has had a sister station in Ghana, SCOOORE, which also exclusively shows everything to do with international football. Sportdigital TV Sende-und Produktions GmbH also operates SPortdigital EDGE, an action and outdoor TV sports channel, as well as a purely monothematic equestrian TV channel in close cooperation with ClipMyHorse, Europe's largest equestrian sports portal.